Value Investing

Value Investing: The Basics

  • What is Value?
    Just what is "Value Investing"? We try to define it, as well as outline the basic principles involved.
  • Minimise the Downside
    Not every share will be suitable for a Value investor. The PYAD criteria helps you narrow down your selections.
  • Maximise the Upside
    Just buying a share because it looks cheap is not enough. You also require an "outer" to unlock the value.
  • The Pyschology of the Value Investor
    Do you have the correct mindframe for this type of investing? You need to be happy going against the crowd.
  • Education, Not Recommendation
    This strategy is for educational purposes only. It is not intended for you to blindly buy or sell the shares mentioned.
  • Value Article Archive
    Links to all value articles published since 1999.


Latest Value Feature

By Stephen Bland | 09 September 2009

A Couple Of Results

Two previous value picks report their results.

Latest High Yield Feature

By Stephen Bland | 13 February 2008

High Yield Still Doing Well

Stephen Bland reviews the performance of his four high yield portfolios.

High Yield Investor: The Basics

Sector value

Three industries always bring up possible Value Shares from time to time. Here's the lowdown.

Value investing: guidelines

  • Anatomy of a Value Play

    Theory is one thing, reality is another. Here are three real examples of successful Value Shares.

  • A Sell Out
    "When to sell?" is a frequent question. Simply, if the value has disappeared, so should you.
  • Something Smells
    Using valuation ratios is not enough for Value investors, because certain types of businesses are more likely to disappoint than others. You have to develop a nose to smell out those winners.
  • Accountancy: Here's the Drill
    We explain what to look for in the accounts when hunting down Value. But don't worry, no book-keeping certificates are needed.
  • Crisis Investing
    Investors often flee in their droves when a company undergoes a major trauma. If you've got the nerve, investing when all others have jumped ship can be rewarding.
  • Noise Abatement
    When you're going against the crowd, you'll hear a lot of reasons why you shouldn't invest. Ignore it, and believe in yourself.
  • Love
    Value Investing is a short-term game, so don't become emotionally attached to your shares. They never love you back.
  • Reading the Investor's Chronicle
    The weekly Investors' Chronicle is a useful source to dig up potential investments. Just forget all about their tips though.
  • Is Value Long Term?
    Although commonly used with a short term time horizon, Value Investing can be adapted for a long term investor.
  • What Can Go Wrong?
    There are no certainties with the stock market. Be prepared for some setbacks, as you'll be flirting with some inherently bad companies.
  • Is Value Foolish?
    Are you comfortable investing over a short-term time horizon? There are no long-term buy and holds here.