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Are Plunging Tech Shares A Buying Opportunity?

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Momentum investors are casting off high-flying tech shares like unwanted winter overcoats. Owain Bennallack asks Mark Rogers and Nate Weisshaar if this is a buying opportunity? The team also discuss how a change in the Office of National Statistics' official bean counting will boost UK GDP, and explore allegations that high-frequency traders have rigged the market. All that, and a look at three companies that have caught their eye.Are you looking to profit from this uncertain economy? 10 Steps To Making A Million In The Market is the Motley Fool's FREE guide to help Britain invest -- better. We urge you to read the report today while it remains available. Just click here now!

Owain Bennallack, Nate Weisshaar and Mark Rogers
Owain Bennallack, Nate Weisshaar and Mark Rogers

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MoneyTalk is a podcast from The Motley Fool UK. Hosted by Owain Bennallack, it's a lively roundtable discussion in which Fool writers and guests from the world of money thrash out the financial issues of the day.

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