A Fool's Look At Tesco

Published in Investing on 20 April 2012

The discussion boards were full of talk of Tesco this week, along with other analysis and money-saving tips.

A Fool's look at Tesco

When a company releases its results, we hear reporting and analysis from all sorts of sources. But what really makes the difference is the wealth of opinions offered by our legions of Fool Community members. This week, on the Tesco plc board, Illiswilgig shared a lengthy look at the latest from Tesco (LSE: TSCO)...

"Not exactly up with the early birds but I have just invested a whole jug of coffee in reading the preliminary results and, entirely novel for me, listening to the Tesco Webcast. I was going to the Tesco website to check some figures, noticed the analysts' presentation was starting and registered - it worked very smoothly and I'm very glad I listened as it's helped me to understand the results, both good and bad.

Firstly an apology. I don't seem to be able to use one word when 10 will do. This is a long post..."

No apologies needed, it's a great post. It's too comprehensive to summarise here, though, so you'll really have to read it yourself.

Man Group, too

Similarly, over at Paulypilot's Pub - Share Ideas, beans4tea took a look at investment and asset manager Man Group (LSE: EMG). It's a company that has been in the spotlight of late, with its insistence that it will keep on paying what look to many like unsustainable dividends. But what did our intrepid Fool think of it?

"It's always a good idea to re-visit the numbers every now and again if things aren't working out as expected. I'm taking a bit of a bath here so I thought I should have a look and try to see what the market can see that I can't.

Clearly the market thinks Man Group is going bust, or nearly bust, or something like that.

The issue for the market is threefold. Firstly it's a potential reduction in FUM, secondly it's the fund performance, and thirdly it's the potential fund mix and the effect of that on margins."

It's a controversial one, and there's an intriguing debate to follow. Do check it out, and share your thoughts, too.

Currency exchange rip-off

If you pay for foreign currency with a debit card, you're spending your own money and shouldn't be charged any fees, right? Wrong, at least if it's a Visa debit card, as KingMcKong discovered. He warned us on the Living Below Your Means board...

"Then...zap!!!...the banks (RBS, Natwest and the rest) abandoned Maestro and Switch cards and replaced them with VISA debit. That's OK for most transactions, but not for buying currency from Travelex. Interesting, isn't it?! You withdraw money via your debit card from your current account, and as far as the bank is concerned the money is yours, and you can do what you like with it. Oh no!!!!

That's not the deal at all. The new deal from Her Majesty's favourite Scottish bank group is that you can take your money using your debit card, but if you want to use the money to purchase currency then the VISA debit people will charge you £4.50 for the privilege.

What's to be done?"

Read on for KMcK's solution, and a host of other thoughts.

A trip to Egypt

With the recent political upheavals, Egypt might not be many people's idea of the ideal place for a holiday at the moment, but Soicowboy had a great time there, as we heard on the Holiday Ideas & Advice board...

"Tourism in Egypt has fallen off a cliff since the revolution in January 2011. I thought I would grab the opportunity to avoid the crowds and maybe bag some bargains.

There is a dearth of cheap flights from London to Egypt. The best value option was a charter flight to Sharm El Sheik, the package holiday centre on the Red Sea.

We never actually went into Sharm, but spent a few days in Sharks Bay, about 20km further north. Here, we had a wooden cabin on top of the cliffs looking out over the sea. The bathroom was about 50 metres away, but the breakfast was fantastic..."

Great breakfast, but what else? Read it to find out.

Fancy a beer?

A few Fools are going to be meeting up for a Social next week in Reading, as Satsumaa tells us on the Foolish Social Events NOT London board...

"A somewhat last-minute Social is being convened for Wednesday 25th April, somewhere in central Reading (exact location TBC, but convenient for rail station)."

The current plan is to hold it at the Back of Beyond in Reading from about 7.30pm, but keep an eye on the thread to be sure.

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DANordic 23 Apr 2012 , 11:15am

Beers in Reading? - then it's got to be the Oakford (near the train station) :-)

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