5 Dates For Your June Diaries

Published in Investing on 29 May 2012

We have news from some important sectors coming our way.

Those who have 'sold in May and gone away' are going to miss a few important dates in the investors' calendar.

If you've been wondering which sectors are ripe for a strong run, as I have, then you should pay attention to June. I've found the Motley Fool report "Top Sectors Of 2012" of great value to me, and I'd recommend you get a free copy.

And here's a few upcoming results from some of the sectors I've been looking at...

A good telecoms option?

I'm pretty bullish about the telecoms sector these days, having recently written positively about KCOM (LSE: KCOM), a company I've admired for some time now.

But the big one coming up in June is Carphone Warehouse (LSE: CPW), which will report its 2011-12 full year results on the 14th.

It might look as if the share price has done very badly after a price drop in January, but that was due to a 173p special dividend paid out after the disposal of the company's share in Best Buy.

A trading update early this month suggested things are in line with expectations, implying a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio for the 130p shares of under 8 and a dividend yield of 4.2%, which sounds to me like there could be a bargain there.

A nice boozy dividend

Majestic Wine (LSE: MJW) has had its ups and downs over the past decade, but the resilience of the food and drink sector has helped Britain's biggest wine warehouse chain of late.

The AIM-listed shares took a dip in the depths of the 2008-9 crisis, falling to a low of 110p. But at its February 2009 year end, Majestic delivered a 7% dividend, which it could do thanks to its very low debt levels.

And that dividend has been maintained throughout, having been kept flat in 2010 and then bumped again last year. For the year ended February 2012, the City is forecasting a bumper 40% jump in the payout. On the current 413p share price, that's a yield of around 3.7%, with forecasts rising to over 4% for 2013.

It's not the biggest on the market, but should be well covered and backed by strong cash flow. And those results are due out on the 18th.


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Stopping the slide?

On 20 June, we're due full-year results from Kesa Electricals (LSE: KESA), the European electronics retail giant, and investors will be looking for an end to its recent tales of woe.

Kesa is best known in the UK as the ex-owner of Comet. But it managed to offload that millstone in February, and now operates only in mainland Europe via its major outlet Darty, plus a few lesser-known retailers.

Are on for any kind of recovery now? Kesa's year-end update on 17 May suggests we just might be. Sales will be down but profits should be in line with estimates, which should put the 49p shares on a P/E of around 10-11.

The dividend is the big question, and with the forecast payout unlikely to be met by earnings, some are now doubting it will happen -- although there was no word about it last week.

So that's the key question for recovery investors -- are we at the low point now for Kesa, and for the sector in general?

Another high-street turnaround?

It's hard to think of Comet without sector competitor Dixons coming to mind, and Dixons Retail (LSE: DXNS) will bring us full-year results on the 21 June.

Dixons saw its value crushed in the recession, with the share price being forced as low as 9.3p. But if you'd managed to pick that bottom around the beginning of this year, with the share price now back to nearly 15p, you'd be sitting on a nice 60% gain. And that's despite a fall back from their recent high of nearly 20p.

But what does the future hold? Well, there won't be a dividend this year, but there's a return to a payout expected for 2013, and positive news in that direction will be welcomed. With a likely P/E of around 13, forecast to fall to about 9 on 2013 estimates, this is another interesting possibility for recovery specialists.

Online shopping

What can we say about Ocado Group (LSE: OCDO), which will be releasing interim results on 26 June?

Back in December, it was hard to see how the online supermarket's economics were going to stack up. In fact, it looked like a lot of other people were thinking the same at that time, as its shares were way down on the 178p flotation price -- they fell as low as 53p.

Since then, we saw news of a great Christmas push the price back up, and the shares are now trading at around 106p.

But the key issue remains the question of that essential second warehouse and where Ocado is going to get the cash for it. If a discounted rights issue is needed, that is bound to hit the share price, so it could be a pretty risky time to invest right now.

Further investment opportunities:

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ScottishDavie 30 May 2012 , 6:07pm

What about 17 June, date of the next Greek general election? i'm not being entirely flippant. With the anti-austerity Syriza party in the ascendent, Greece's departure from the Euro is looming ever closer and if some of the more apocalyptic predictions for the Eurozone come true investors are going to have more to worry about than Ocado's second warehouse!

fishbonestephen 31 May 2012 , 1:20pm

Could'nt agree more, Scottish Davie, I follow the markets and vedanta, lloyds, rio tinto, kazykmys etc etc are all strong buys but have all lost in excess of 50%, my advice, get out of the markets...there are no bargains until Europe gets back to growth, approx 5 years. Stay in the markets and expect falling markets as the political fools continue to botch their way to oblivion...sorry to be so negative. The situation is too high taxes, so there is no demand, we have watched this 5 year recession, and it's going to carry on another 5 years, until someone starts to drop taxes and fuel demand...no going to happen.

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