Ask A Foolish Question -- What Do We Learn From Trading Data?

Published in Investing on 22 November 2012

Barry and Stuart discuss the trading information that many people follow on investing websites.

Barry James and Stuart Watson discuss the trading information than many people follow on investing websites. Just how reliable are the flags as to whether a particular trade is a buy or a sell? And is this the sort of information we should be looking at when making investment decisions?

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ANuvver 22 Nov 2012 , 11:11pm

With the greatest of respect to "Barry & Stuart Go Large", I was interested in this, but I'm afraid I'm not going to bother with another 3-min talking heads video number.

Having not even seen this, I'll play this round blind and take a stab at the salient points:
1) Be an investor, not a trader.
2) Stick to fundamentals, not sentiment.
3) Treat media tips/broker recs with suspicion.

apprenticeDRL 23 Nov 2012 , 9:09am

I agree. Please can we have a transcript, when I am busy I cannot afford the time to watch videos. One of the reasons that I started using Motley Fool over some other sites is that you provide articles in text.

By all means issue videos but please also offer them as transcripts

CubbyBroccoli 23 Nov 2012 , 3:21pm

Thirded. In an open plan office, videos aren't great to wile away my lunch break (and any interim procrastination!). An article is a much more universally convenient format!
The pod casts used to have transcripts.....

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