Hotel Chain Starts 'Snore War'

Published in Company Comment on 22 July 2011

InterContinental combats nightime nasal noises.

Sleepless nights for travellers could soon become a thing of the past, if a trial by an international hotel chain proves successful.

InterContinental Hotels (LSE: IHG) has launched 'snore absorption' rooms and 'snore patrols' at a number of its Crowne Plaza locations, in an attempt to help its guests enjoy a good night's sleep.

According to Crowne Plaza snoring causes more than half of UK couples to lose between one and five hours sleep a night, and it's responsible for three in ten couples "coming close" to splitting up.

The special 'absorption' rooms, introduced at ten Crowne Plaza hotels around Europe and the Middle East, reduce the effect of nasal noises by using eggbox-style foam in the walls to absorb loud frequencies.

The rooms also come equipped with sound-absorbing head boards, special pillows containing magnets, and foam supports called bed wedges, which are designed to keep snorers lying on their sides.

Tom Rowntree, a spokesperson for Crowne Plaza, said: 

"We've all been there. Lying wide awake at three o'clock in the morning burying our head under a pillow to drown out our partner's snoring. There's nothing worse than being kept up all night and that's why we've designed this specific snore absorption room to help give our guests a great night's sleep".

More controversially, Crowne Plaza has introduced 'snore patrols' at some of its British hotels. Designated quiet zones have been created at the chain's London, Leeds and Manchester branches, and 'snore monitors' now knock on guest doors if the night-time sounds become too loud. Offenders are offered rooms on floors away from the light sleepers for their next stay.

Snoring occurs when the muscles and tissue in the mouth, nose and throat relax and vibrate. Noise levels tend to reach about 50 decibels, though some deep sleepers have recorded beyond 100 decibels, equivalent to a garden lawn mower.  

We've written before about how tough the hotel business can be. But InterContinental has managed to treble its share price since it was demerged from the old Bass/Six Continents business just over eight years ago. So will the competition be caught napping by this latest move? Share your dreadful puns in the comment box below...

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amandaboston 26 Jul 2011 , 5:01am

The Crowne Plaza hotel in the UK prides itself on catering to guests. Now, noisy sleepers are the target of possible disappointment that the Crowne is focusing on. Brand new employees at the hotel are being told to patrol the halls for noisy snoring, while new rooms are being built to absorb the sound. These attempts are intended to help customers sleep better from home. I found this here: UK hotel combats loud-snoring sleepers

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