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I enjoyed this interview as I have been following Robbie for some time on his Naked Trader website. He clearly has an enviable record for picking winners whether through conventional share buys or spread betting, what Robbie shows is that it is important to have a system in place, do your homework and effectively treat it like a business.

Many of the comments were clearly aimed at the beginner and I would suggest that one of the most important things to do is get out of your mind the gambling aspect that is associated with spreadbetting. Call it spread trading instead and treat it like you would if you were buying a share in the usual way. You shouln't treat it like backing a horse! The betting part is only useful in the sense that what you make is tax free.

Robbie did comment on buying AIM companies and I was quite surprised when he said the spreads via spread betting were pretty good. AIM companies often have some of the worst spreads around which the spread betting companies simply pass on. As an example at random I looked at Zanaga Iron Ore this morning. With IG the Sept contract is 151.29 to buy, 146.93 to sell. Buy £30 a point and you start at minus £130 (approx) straight away. Not that I would suggest beginners go £30 a point, but often the spreads can be offputting, which is also true for conventional buying of many AIM or smaller company shares. There again, the rewards if you pick the right ones can be so much greater than FTSE100 shares. Just make sure you pick the right ones, as when the smaller companies fall they do have a habit of doing it big time.

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