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Haven't been able to track down the report itself, but in the timeless journalistic tradition of commenting on a secondary source:

Theme 1: Cash-heavy UK-listed big corps with robust and growing trading in more sparky markets (rather than getting out the safari suit and phrasebook).

Theme 2: Pharma and healthcare - long-term demographic trend. If Zen and Glax fall behind, they can just go shopping and use their marketing and distribution clout, as long as they're canny about it.

Theme 3: Infrastructure and outsourcing. Hint of a shift towards 'picks and shovels' approach.

Theme 4: Nerves about risks in the hydrocarbon space.

Theme 5: Profit taking after a run-up in utilities (in which I include Vod).

All glued together, doesn't seem an unreasonable approach to running an income fund.

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