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Here we go again!

I agree with OxonianCambion - it's high time you Experts came up with a hard fact or two if they you really want us to think Woody's anything out of the ordinary.

I've had a bit of trawl through your various ads but haven't managed to find very much.

One of your reports says that he has "beaten Footsie over ten - or was it fifteen? - years consecutively!"
Note the scream mark.

Surely a full-time professional who can't beat Footsie's got to be pretty bad?

Then again I saw somewhere that his funds have grown around 350% over 15 years.
I make that a compound growth rate of just over 8.5% a year.
Mr Bland's Doris managed around 11% over about the same period by doing nothing at all, while Warren Buffett achieved more than 25% over about 40 years.
One of our Experts is on record as saying that a dividend reinvestor can reasonably expect at least 12% a year, and my own, admittedly very limited, experience seems to bear this out,

Obviously I may have missed some important data, misunderstood the figures or simply got my sums wrong.

If so, Mr Chester, you'd be doing us all a big kindness if you were to shed a little light on my mistakes and put the record straight for all of us.

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