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Woody steered clear of dotcoms and financials.

Easy, eh? Two decisions in a decade being an easy route to financial success. Just like the "sell shares, buy gold" has worked since the turn of the millennium.

So why didn't everyone else do the same?

It takes a particular type of investor to be independent, contrarian and forward thinking; to hold their nerve against prevailing sentiment and to take the flak for saying unpopular things about the hottest sectors around.
Woody's record is good - how many of his critics have achieved a higher total return measured over an identical time period?

It's not fair that people who've doubled their money in the "easy money" last four years then compare it to the last fifteen years of hard slog that Woodford has endured.
If you must compare against him use identical time periods.
He's achieved 8% so far in 2012, 11% average per year in the last three years, and the same average per year for the last decade.
Hands up who's managed to beat him. Anyone?

Of all the active (not tracker) money managers out there, Woody is the only one I'd trust with my money. Woody has a slow-but-steady fund. It grows at a decent but not rocket ride pace. It's unlikely to see huge upswings nor huge downswings in value or yield. His worst years only tend to be half as bad as the FTSE, and his best years only half as good. But he's consistent - up every year since 2008, while many of his peers had down years in at least two of those years.
I would trust Woody more than Buffett, despite Buffett's legendary performance.
However, I prefer to manage my own money - I don't then have any excuses or anyone else to blame but myself.

Nowadays Woody's notably steering clear of commodities and financials - not that many investors are crazy enough to listen to the old fool.

In fairness to the Fool site regarding regularly touting Woody: a website needs revenue in order to keep functioning. Advertising and sibscription services is the only easy way to get the revenue to pay the bills, so that parasites like me can continue to get something for nothing from the site.
I just hope that my contributions to the discussion boards and sharing my many years of experience in the markets go some way towards "paying back" what I take from the site in terms of my free membership.

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