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Many thanks, F958B
"I would trust Woody more than Buffett, despite Buffett's legendary performance."
I have to admit I'm not altogether with you here.

"A website needs revenue in order to keep functioning. Advertising and subscription services is the only easy way to get the revenue to pay the bills, so that parasites like me (me too) can continue to get something for nothing from the site."

Too right.
But does this really mean every Foolish Expert has to be a sucker for con men and high pressure salesmanship?
If so it does't half undermine one's confidence in their competence and judgment.
I've reached the state where I no longer generally bother to read their articles - apart from those by Mr Bland - I just go straight for the comments, which are often very interesting and helpful.

I can't offer to share "many years of experience in the markets."
My aim is pretty selfish
I just want to learn how better to manage my investments without having to pay for it.
I suppose I like to think the questions I ask, and the statements I offer for criticism, may sometimes help other Fools, but that's not my prime purpose.

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