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Hi goodlifer.

Woody achieved 11% p.a. on a three-year and ten-year view, including dividends reinvested and including his 1.5% annual management fee and other "total expense ratio" costs.
So that's nearer 13% p.a. before his and Invesco's management and paperwork fees.
Most "professionals" underperform the index because of their typical 1-1.5% annual management fee and because the professionals as a group are the market. But even an index tracker will underperform an index due to the 0.25-0.5% annual fee.

With dividends taken out and not reinvested the return on Woody's fund would be closer to your 8% (or about 10% if Woody and Invesco had no fees and no overheads).

These perofrmance numbers are changing every minute of every day as share and index prices fluctuate.
At the moment many year-ago comparisons look especially good because markets were at a low point last autumn.

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