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I use the Hyp Top Up spreadsheet - credit for this goes to itsallaguess who is updating this file and uploads it to gamefront.

The main advantage with this file is for me - it does all the work while you sit and wait for a moment. After the first initial time spent on entering your share holding information all it takes is to press a few buttons to get updates.

On tab 1 - High Yield Portfolio you need to enter the amount of shares you're holding for each of your companies first then on the press of a button this file (or rather the macros within it) updates the share prices with data from Yahoo.

It will then work out the value as a % of total value of the portfolio and assign a value weighting for each share sorted in ascending order.

Afterwards, again at the press of a button, it will update the dividend forecast yield with data from DigitalLook and work out a yield weighting sorted in descending order.

It will then add up the two weighting values and assign a top up order sorted in ascending order.

In its latest version, 10.2, it looks at over 600 shares and should therefore be useful for anyone running a portfolio whether it be a HYP or not.

The way it calculates weightings and top up order may not be useful for people not running a HYP but then again - even if all you take from it are the share prices and the yields then that's fine too.

On tab 2 - Dividends it will automatically fill in the information provided from tab 1, i.e. ticker of each company and then, again on the press of a button, fill in the latest dividend information for each company (Ex-Dividend date, record date, payment date and dividend amount in pennies). I have added 2 more columns for shares held (which is a lookup on tab 1) and Dividend in £ so that I can get an inkling of incoming dividends over the next few months.

All in all: I use it to get automatically up to date information on share prices, yields and dividends and then take this data into my own top up calculator.

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