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I tend to agree with Sianwill, Pollyanna's like Justin are much like fast talking real estate agents of the 80's, ask them when is the best time to buy or sell, their answer, regardless of the economic situation, will alway be, 'now'. The reason is because it's in their own interests to talk markets up. Justin makes a living as a guest speaker telling businesses and the financial sector exactly what they want to hear.

The same old conservative mantras, Cut regulation, cut taxes. Simplifying the tax system. This is also code for cutting taxes on businesses. This is the same tickle down economics theory that has brought America to its fiscal knees. But which companies love to hear and are will to pay good money to hear as well.

It is clear David that you find Justin very entertaining and amusing, but rather than listening to your burgeoning bro-mance, I would much prefer to hear from economists like Professor Steve Keen of Debunking Economics blog or financial innovators like Ben Dyson, of Positive Money.

What we need is fewer fast talking, self interested, after dinner speakers, like Justin and more independent financial thinkers, who can perhaps offer a total rethinking our entire financial system.

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