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25 January 2012

Steady As She Goes

The Motley Fool comments on the fourth quarter GDP figures

David Kuo, Director at The Motley Fool - an online investing community, says: “The UK economy contracted by 0.2% in the final three months of 2011. However, there is no need to panic. The economy still managed to grow 0.9% during the year, despite the on-going debt problems within the Eurozone.

Investors can take comfort from the fact that even though the economy shrunk between October and December last year, the FTSE rose almost 9% over the same period. Even though the economy may be taking a breather, there are no signs that UK companies are slowing down.

In times of concern and distress it can be easy to suffer from recent event syndrome and focus on the bad news of the day. However, it is more important to look at the long term opportunities. We urge investors to avoid behaving like a frog down a well shaft. Investing is more than a solitary blue circle at the top of the well, but a vast universe with untold opportunities.


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